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Chaos Theory

by Doug Smith

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Updates. . .

2/06/2007 - OMFG, I acutaly Updated!

1/28/2006 - NEW COMICS BITCHEZ!!!!! Gew guest filler comics untill I get a motherfuckigbitchassfucki%&^($!)&@#nazipokemonrapefagnoobfuckfucking scanner. Comics are from my friends Mike,Geroge, and hopfuly Gen. and maybe pandas, but don't count on it.

12/15/2005 - CHAOS THEORY IS NOT DEAD! I SWEAR! In fact now that finals are over and I have a little bit of time to work on my own stuff again hopefully it will return with Better Bearsnake Comics and even cooler characters with 100% chance of more discord! ROCK ON! Oh and BTW every reader Owes 3/8 of their soul to my friend Liz who helped me out with fixing the website. Thanks LIZ!

Be sure to pick up your FREE downloadable CHAOS THEORY poster! @

10/1/2004 - Ok I know things are late, Iím sorry. There is going to be more soon. I have a new Guy thatís helping me with the drawing. his name is Slug. Every one must give him a goat sacrifice. I'm going to TRY to get this comic updated every Monday. Other wise it will be updated every month at lest. I have a bunch of new character that need to be worked in to the story. I also need a new mother board for my computer since I some how fucked up all my USB ports on it >.< anyway e-mail me if you have any question. ttyl

5/10/2004 - ARGH! I suck! the web page is a mess. I can't get my new flash game to link up. I'm so frustrated with school stuff that I've been slacking off on comics. I might actually even have fans now. WTF? some one thinks I'm funny? no way! so I guess I need to get some stuff worked out. I'll try and post something. some time soon. be sure to send me lots of money and women!

1/28/2006 - This is a secret Chaostheory message! only seen by Chaostheory's Most hardcore fans!!! who are bored enough to actually read back posts on the news board.

5/04/2004 - I posted a new Bear/snak game for ya for being Late with updates! Don't hate me!

4/28/2004 - I have a web comic? WTF?

4/19/2004 - OMG I drew a comic! and the page is some what working! WOW thank you so much kendra my goddess, for helping me out, and brian for helping me get started.

3/25/2004 - so it's almost april now and I'm guessing your wondering were the fuck are the comics DOug Promised us. well.. Um.. I haven't been working on it.. I'm right now in the middle of moveing. (yet again) and school works being a bitch and I got this really cool new book and well. since I don't have any fans yet..I got lazy.. SO I'm going to try and get it up by next month hopefully. I'm still trying to figure out how to work html out. anyway I'm going to try my best and get it but next month. well see how it works out. anyquestions just e-mail me.

1/4/2004 - Please give me in till about feb 1st 2004 to get things ready for the comic. i'm still working on the site, and I need to finsh My first few comics. >.<

e-mail me at: obonic @

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